Afew Focail Nua

Afew Focail Nua

Did you know that the new Irish dictionary is the first to be published in over 60 years? It includes many new words for the modern world. We have included some of these few focail in our newest designs, along with some feel good classics. 


"Féinín" or selfie is one of these new words, however it is accompanied by a bit of old skool retroness.


"Bréagnuacht agus tae" or Fake news and Tea is a little political fun. Who doesn't like a bit Goss and tae?! 


"Buíoch" or Grateful is a reminder to us all to practise gratitude. If the past year has taught us anything it is this. No more taking things for granted.


"Ró Ghleoite" or Too Cute is one of those phrases and images that just make you smile. This one was too cute not to make available in a tee and a geansaí.


"Bogha Báistí" or rainbow is not only one of our favourite words from our school days, but it speaks a little deeper now; share the message - the bigger the storm, the brighter the rainbow. This design is available in both a geansaí and a t-shirt.


Do you have a favourite yet?

Let us know.


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